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Order Your Lead in Water Test Kit

Protect yourself and your family from toxic lead in tap water with a simple kit that provides customized action steps.

80 percent of homes have lead in their drinking water. This test kit’s three water samples and personal action report tells you how to reduce the lead, whether it is coming from your fixtures, home pipes or city pipes. Kits are provided by the non-profit Healthy Babies Bright Futures. Water samples are tested at Virginia Tech’s Environmental Engineering laboratory.

We are committed to helping every family test their water for lead. Choose the payment option that works for you:

  • The kit cost is $47, with shipping.
  • Below-cost kits may be available to community groups that need this option. Contact support@hbbf.org to ask about this.

100% of proceeds cover the cost of the test kits, analysis, results reporting and shipping.

U.S. Shipping Only

Get a kit $47 Includes kit, testing and shipping

Get a kit and add a donation $100 Get one kit (includes kit, testing and shipping), and donate to help another family test

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